About Us

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About Us

The Bistro Family would like to thank the Stapleton Community for hosting us for three years. We are grateful for the all the good times and laughs we have shared. We are closed for good now but all the friendships formed will go on. Thank You Stapleton

The Bistro’s casual atmosphere has become a cornerstone for the people of Stapletons laid back nuance. We’re a cozy corner bistro with wine and sophisticated craft cocktails. The Bistro has become the pulse of the neighborhood   A place to run into friends, or make new ones. Enjoy new experience every time you enter, the Bistro will always have a table for you.

Executive Chef Anthony F. Ramos, Graduated from the New Orleans School of Food and Wine. Working in kitchens across the United States this Brooklyn born Colorado grown chef has  perfected a style that is unique and innovative. Bringing  you the feel and flavors found in global markets, bistros and  Grandmas kitchen. “Food that Hugs!”

Barman extraordinaire Jon Benson’s cocktail menu is a perfect blend of originals and classics, a lively mix of drinks that range from the exquisite to the whimsical. Let him make you a classic, serve you one of his signature cocktails, or invent something for you on the fly.

Our team has created a wine list that balances old world with new, familiar favorites with hard to find gems. And it was developed first and foremost with our seasonal menu in mind in order to serve the role all great wine should: to accompany food, to enhance your meal, and to spark conversation.

We want to find great wine, make beautiful drinks, create terrific food and share it with our neighbors.